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Most common questions about event restroom trailers

We have outlined our FAQ below. Click on any of the questions to display the answer.  If you have additional questions or need further information, please reach out to us.

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We're unable to quote a rental without the specifics of an event, so please submit a booking inquiry and we can give you a proper outlined quote.  Water delivery, generator rental, mileage, unique setups, number of days, additional cleaning, and staffing are some of the various options available.
Commonly we rent our luxury restroom trailers for 1 day, 2 days, or a weekend events.  We can also do weekly rentals. With details about your event and daily expected guests, we can make a plan that is appropriate for your specific needs, including water refills, cleanings, and emptying, as needed.
Your first step should be to fill out our online form, to provide us the details about your event and requirements. If you don't have all the answers yet, that's OK, we're happy to work with you until the details become clear.  We can then provide you an agreement, detailing your rental and outlining fees. After reviewing the agreement, you would sign and return the agreement with payment.  We accept cash, check, or credit card.
The trailer itself is roughly 14 x 6 feet, plus the hitch.  It should accessible on both sides to allow access to all doors, including the maintenance area, and retractable stairways off the lav doors. The Ladies' room has 3 private stalls and a double vanity, and the Men's room offers a single private stall, Urinal, and single vanity. This setup can be unisex.
Our trailers are equipped with heating for colder climates and seasons. The heating is ample for keeping both guests comfortable and water from freezing. If temperatures are expected to be below freezing at any point during the setup, power must be continuously supplied to the trailer, even when not in use, to ensure water internally does not freeze and damage the pumps, plumbing, or fixtures. Depending on how cold the outside temperature is, a second dedicated electrical circuit may be required.
Our insurance covers actions of our staff, issues during delivery, setup, and removal, mechanical issues, and acts of god. You will be provided an inspection report upon setup, detailing any damages prior to use. The unit will be re-inspected upon pickup, and any damages caused by guests of the event, outside of normal use, would be the responsibility of the person who signed our agreement.
You will be provided an detailed proposal to avoid any billing questions prior to booking our services for your event. We are based in Newington, CT, and do not charge for any deliveries within 20 miles driving distance. We map our routes based on roadways legally accessible for trailers, so the fastest route may not be the route we are required to take. We will accommodate events anywhere in New England, and our transportation rates for events that exceed 20 miles from Newington are based on the federal standard mileage rate. In 2021 that rate is $0.56/mile and we will also apply the federal mileage discounted rate for official nonprofit charity events.
We can connect to an on-site water source if a safe and reliable water source is near the setup location, but please discuss this with us when describing your event and requirements. If a water source is not available, we can add 280 gallons of fresh water and utilize pressure pumps to circulate water as needed to accommodate more remote locations. For multiple day events, we can empty and add water as the event requires.
Yes, our trailers have ventilation and AC built in to each unit, ideal for summer outdoor events. Typically one 20amp 120v electrical connection is enough to power all air conditioning and other parts of the trailer.
Yes, each of our trailers is equipped with heat for comfort of users as well as keeping the plumbing working for sub-freezing temperatures. Depending on the expected temperatures up to (2) 20amp T20v circuits may be needed to power all heating components.
Unlike single user porta-potties, our bathroom trailers have working plumbing, separated wastes containers, powered ventilation (including heat or AC), and deodorizers. You should expect a similar expectation of a modern public restroom at an event facility. Your event shouldn't be overshadowed with guests loathing the bathroom facilities, so we pride our facilities on being only a positive attribute to your event.
Yes, for unique locations we require you or your representative to be on site for installation to confirm all details prior to setup, and sign off that everything was setup and in proper working order before we leave. If your event is at a venue which commonly has outdoor events, then they likely have a designated location and setup for temporary bathroom trailers, so if there is a venue contact that would act as your in-person representative for delivery, we will happily work directly with the venue in lieu of you needing to be present.
Yes, a 20-amp/110 volt dedicated power source is required to power the lavatory trailers. Depending on the expected temperatures up to (2) 20amp T20v circuits may be needed to power all heating components. A generator can be provided as an additional rental to your event package.
Yes, this is a frequent request for formal events. Bathroom attendants are appropriately dressed for the occasion, personable, and thorough in freshening and tidying after each guest. Please request this service and the number of attendants requested during your proposal request.
Yes. We try and accommodate all requests, as long as physical limitations and safety aren't an issue. The trailer and delivery truck need to be able to access the location and maneuver for setup and retrieval. The trailer has doors on both sides, and should be setup in an area making all doors accessible with safe passage. The trailer should be setup on solid and fairly level ground; the weight of the trailer can m6ke it sink or become unstable without a stable footing and your event guest safety is one of our highest priorities.
Each of our mobile restrooms can serve up to 600 guests.

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